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Wave Energy Conversion: Sinking Ship Or Rocking The Boat?

In this guest column from Michael Burrett, we explore wave energy conversion: is it a lost cause, or rocking the boat of the energy industry?


With every new type of green energy source, there is a wave (pun intended) of scepticism. Wave energy conversion is no different: for every proponent there’s a naysayer who just doesn’t believe that it’s possible for that type of energy generation to deliver on its promises.

So what is wave energy conversion?

At its most basic level, wave energy conversion takes the natural movement and kinetic energy in waves out in the oceans and converts it into electricity that can then be wired back to the mainland, to be used just as any other type of energy source. It’s clean, because there are no harmful by-products, and it’s renewable because waves are a naturally occurring phenomena.

Why does this matter?

Wave energy conversion will have a huge impact on the energy market. A small 90 device wave farm made up of our own wave energy converter, the SPERBOY™, generates enough electrical energy for over 112,000 homes. This is a truly transformational opportunity to power homes, businesses, and manufacturing using a clean energy source that has no negative environmental impact.

But more than that, wave energy conversion offers remote and island communities a simple way to generate their own energy, rather than pay over the odds to have electricity piped to them over hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles. This democratisation of energy is needed for all countries to have the opportunity to contribute on the world stage.

But this isn’t news to us

I and the other Directors of Embley Energy realised just what wave energy could do for our planet in 1997, and within a year we founded our company as technicians, engineers, and visionaries.

We’ve gone from strength to strength, and our innovation has received support and funding from the European Commission, several international universities, the Carbon Trust, and NPower. We have a genuine drive to see wide scale adoption of wave energy conversion, and we’re excited to move into our next stage: crowdfunding.

We are currently raising funds on Crowdcube to enable anyone, from as little as £10, to contribute to the next stage of the SPERBOY™’s development. This is an incredible chance to act meaningfully within the green energy industry, one that’s rarely available.

Wave energy conversion is going to change the way we understand energy. And you can be a part of it.

Michael Burrett, Director at Embley Energy, was previously a Managing Director with Hogg Robinson plc, delivering strategic leadership for the off-shore oil exploration aspects of the business. Embley Energy is currently seeking investment for its innovative wave energy converter. Learn more here.


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