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Virta Score World’s “Best Energy Product Brand” Award For Electric Vehicle Charging Platform

Virta's Electric Vehicle Charging Platform has been awarded as the World’s Best Energy Product Brand.

Virta - electric vehicle charging platform

Virta – a Finnish electric vehicle (EV) charging service provider – has been awarded at the global CHARGE Energy Branding Awards for the Best Energy Product Brand. The forerunner company offers a digital platform for connecting energy and mobility services.

The expert panel at the CHARGE awards especially emphasised Virta’s straight forward attitude, innovative expertise in EV charging and energy sector solutions, combined with the ability to bring out e-mobility’s impact as criteria for the award.

“The CHARGE Energy Brand Award is desired by the largest Energy Utilities in Europe. The award further validates our position among the best energy sector technology companies. Virta is a recognised e-mobility forerunner in Europe,” says Elias Pöyry, CBO, Virta.

Virta offers EV charging services for all the players in the EV charging value chain – EV drivers, charging point owners and professional charging point operators as well as energy utilities. The company is specialised in technologies that provide ancillary services for the electricity systems, by utilising e.g. EV batteries and bidirectional charging for auxiliary services.

The winners of the energy brand award were announced at the CHARGE Energy Branding event on Monday 24 September 2018. German energy utility company E.ON won the Best Established Energy Brand Award. Also, Finnish transmission grid company Fingrid was awarded in their category as the World’s Best Transmission Brand.


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