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Top Ways To Create An Eco-Friendly Home

Here are some of the best ways that you can create a more eco-friendly living environment in the home.

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Being more eco-friendly is become a trend as of late, and impacting everyday life. More companies are making their products and services environmentally-friendly, and more people are becoming eco-conscious about their purchasing decisions and general way of life. Since the home is the place we tend to spend the majority of our time, it’s a good place to start if you want to adopt a greener lifestyle. Here are some of the best ways that you can create a more eco-friendly living environment in the home.

Stay on top of maintenance

A leaky tap is one of the main culprits for water waste. In fact, a tap that drips once per second each day could end up wasting one gallon of water every four and a half hours. To avoid this, always make sure your taps are tight before leaving them unsupervised and get any faulty taps repaired as soon as possible. Other maintenance checks you should do include checking your boiler and pipes for any leaks. Doing these checks and being more vigilant about your water use can put you on the right track towards creating an eco-friendly home.

Install high-tech features

Smart technology is changing the way we live in our homes. Not only do high-tech features like smart lighting make life easier, but they also help the environment in the process by limiting electronic waste. Smart lighting which only comes on when a person enters the room diminishes the chances of leaving lights on overnight or when not in use. Property companies are taking notice of this, and have started installing smart lighting fixtures into their new-build properties as a way to entice investors and tenants, while reducing their carbon footprint in the process. Many properties like those from RW Invest include this type of lighting, along with being naturally more eco-friendly due to their new-build designs and high-quality construction.

Switch it off

You’re probably already aware that you need to switch off certain electronics when not in use, but you might not think about the extent that you need to do so. The main thing to remember to switch off is your lights — if you’re not lucky enough to have smart-lighting that is! Avoid using artificial lighting as much as possible by opening blinds and curtains to let natural light in during the day.

Along with these more obvious tips, you should also remember to turn off plugs at the socket when not using them. Things like phone chargers can use energy even when just switched on at the plug without being connected to a phone. Do a mental checklist when leaving the house in the morning to ensure that everything’s switched off for the day ahead.

Switch up your cleaning products

Many cleaning and household products are known to contain lots of chemicals that can be harmful to yourself, your family, and the environment. To reduce the amount of harmful substances in the air, you should incorporate natural alternatives to these products into your home. Brands like Method and Ecover are great examples, with bottles made from recycled materials and formulas containing no nasty chemicals that can pollute the air.


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