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Switchee Wins At 2017’s Ashden Awards

Switchee is helping social landlords reduce costs and fight fuel poverty.

Photo: Switchee

Switchee is helping social landlords reduce costs and fight fuel poverty. The UK company has developed a solution to help housing associations tackle their responsibility to provide a healthy and warm place to live for tenants where energy and cost efficiencies are part of the equation.

The Ashden Awards represent some of the most prestigious prizes for organisations developing sustainable solutions around the world. This year Al Gore was the keynote speaker at the ceremony which took place on June 15. 22 impressive organisations have made the shortlist including a number of innovative UK companies.

Switchee triumphed in the Impax Ashden Award for Energy Innovation thanks to creating the first smart thermostat designed specifically for social housing. It monitors temperature, humidity, light levels, motion and air pressure to learn when a home needs heating and when it can be allowed to cool down, cutting energy use and carbon emissions by up to 15%, and enabling landlords to better manage their housing stock.

The data gathered allows social landlords, who can monitor performance remotely, to pinpoint properties that are at risk of mould forming or may have tenants in fuel poverty, enabling them to target insulation upgrades, boiler maintenance and other practical help.

The awards panel noted the “sophisticated integration of the very latest technology, all wrapped up in one simple package – a smart thermostat.”

“The winners of the Ashden 2017 Awards are truly paving the way in creating a low carbon future, tackling climate change from every angle by creating sustainable cities, and making access to clean energy easier and more affordable to the poorest and remotest in the world. We are proud to call these inspiring organisations Ashden Award winners,” said Ashden’s Founder Director Sarah Butler-Sloss.

There’s plenty of potential for Switchee to grow in the UK. Already it has a customer portfolio who together manage more than 300,000 homes. The technology would also prove beneficial to the international market too with similar social housing mechanisms in Germany, France and Holland.


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