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Sunamp Setting Benchmark For Thermal Energy Storage

Delivering heat and hot water the low carbon way.

Sunamp is a world leader in thermal energy storage, credit: Sunamp

One of the world’s leaders in thermal energy storage, Sunamp is nominated alongside other innovators at this year’s Ashden 2017 awards. The company, which designs, produces and sells compact heat batteries that can be used to store heat from a range of different sources in order to supply domestic hot water and space heating, joins 22 other organisations nominated for an Ashden 2017 award courtesy of their innovative sustainability advances.

Storing more thermal energy for hot water and space heating can play a significant role in greening our energy systems, and using a thermal battery is a more convenient and energy efficient way of doing this. Sunamp has developed heat batteries that take up much less space than a hot water tank, can store heat for longer and are more efficient. Indeed, Sunamp’s thermal battery is 3-4 times more efficient than a hot water cylinder, and about a quarter of the size.

Households can make significant savings with the Sunamp system. Aside from its space-saving qualities, the fact it needs less heat than a water tank saves the user money (estimated at a round £100 for a typical user). This saving can be complemented by diverting excess energy from a solar photovoltaic system, more than doubling cost savings. Meanwhile, energy savings due to reduced heat loss can add up to about 600 KWh/yr per installation when compared to a hot water cylinder.

The Sunamp system also provides further advantages by virtue of requiring less maintenance. For social landlords who pair the system with solar PV and/or a heat pump, it can deliver huge savings for tenants and cut down on costly gas boiler servicing costs.

Additionally, when paired with a Sunamp PV system, users can financially gain by diverting excess electricity into the PV system instead of exporting it. This cuts down on the use of mains electricity or gas for heating water.


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