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RES Is Redefining How We Think About Energy Storage

Hertfordshire-based RES has built itself a strong reputation in the sector, helping to redefine how we think about energy.

RES’s pioneering software is helping to solve large-scale energy storage issues, credit: Ashden

RES, the Hertfordshire-based independent renewable energy company, is vying for a prestigious Ashden 2017 award for its RESolve software. The pioneering solution allows the client to trial a range of different functions that can improve solar farm economics, smooth out local supply and demand, and stabilise voltage and frequency on the grid.

With expertise in developing, engineering, constructing, financing and operating renewable energy solutions, RES recognised the need to provide renewables with a stage on which to stabilise the national grid and reduce the need to access fossil-fuel-based energy. To “green” the grid, step changes in technology were needed.

With 147 MW of capacity constructed or under development around the world, RES is active in a range of energy technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage and transmission. Indeed, it has a strong track record in energy storage in the USA, and more sites already contracted in the UK. It has now built its first battery storage system in the UK. Co-located with a solar farm in Somerset, the battery storage system was developed for Western Power Distribution (WPD).

RESolve allows RES to provide the platform from which WPD can trial a range of different functions to ultimately make identifiable improvements and efficiencies. Having completed the 0.3 MW storage site for WPD, RES is now in the process of developing a further 55 MW of storage in the UK, to be brought online by early 2018.

The direct benefits of RES’s solution give the Distribution Network Operators and National Grid the ability to improve stability because of increased energy storage. This allows for greater integration of renewable energy, reduces costs and maintains spinning reserve at power stations.

The Ashden Awards represent some of the most prestigious prizes for organisations developing sustainable solutions around the world. This year Al Gore will be the keynote speaker at the ceremony which provides a measure for excellence in the field of green energy. Taking place on June 15, 22 impressive organisations have made the shortlist including a number of innovative UK companies.


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