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Recycling Gone Wrong – Survey Reveals Weird Recycling Fails

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We’re getting better at recycling. It’s something most of us consider in our daily lives and thanks to local authority bin collections, we can, in most cases, easily split our waste into recyclable and non-recyclable.

But it’s not all plain sailing. That’s where waste management agencies like BusinessWaste.co.uk, which is committed to reducing wasteful landfill and works to help companies increase their recycling targets, can help optimise recycling activity and help businesses add value to their endeavours regarding waste.

And, generally speaking, while our engagement with recycling has improved immensely, BusinessWaste.co.uk’s recent survey has highlighted some bizarre and problematic recycling attempts by people at home.

Surveying people nationwide, it appears the UK is a country full of baffled “binners”. Indeed, some people admitted to sending their dead pets off to be recycled!

One respondent recalled a huge family row leading to the Christmas dinner in the recycling bin along with crackers, plates and party hats.

“We surveyed over 3,000 people from all walks of life and amazing over 80% of people say they’re confused about what to recycle in their home bins, with 99% of people admitting to having made a mistake with their recycling in the past,” said Mark Hall, spokesperson for BusinessWaste.co.uk.

“Bearing that in mind, it’s no surprise we’ve found some of these strange stories where people know they should dispose of something, but don’t know whether it counts as recycling or not.”

One respondent got an earful from the bin men about trying to recycle an old car door. “I figured it was basically just a huge tin can, but the bin men didn’t really see it that way,” they said.

“While we admire people’s efforts to help save the planet,” continues Hall, “it’s obviously important to only recycle the appropriate things in the right places, otherwise you can cause more problems than you solve for the people processing waste at the other end.”

Other strange thing people claimed to have put in the recycling bin include 10,000 flyers for a local waste collection service, three men’s suits with the sleeves cut off and smashed wedding photo, a collection of glass eyes and a blow-up doll.

BusinessWaste.co.uk, which continues to campaign for tighter laws to discourage littering, wasteful behaviour, and to encourage greater recycling, advises people to ask their local council for clear instructions on what to put in their recycling bin.

The company states: “We know that 75% of all recycling mistakes could be solved by having the information clearly visible, and anything that’s not mentioned we’d advise people to put in their general waste or take to the tip.”


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