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IVECO Demonstrates New Low Carbon Vehicle Range

Heading IVECO’s line-up at LCV2017 is a Stralis NP 4x2 tractor unit, which earlier this year completed the famous journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End on a single fill of LNG to demonstrate its viability as a genuine alternative to diesel vehicles.


IVECO, which is attending Cenex-LCV 2017 this week, has unveiled a four-strong line-up to demonstrate the range of its low carbon vehicles. The line-up showcases three natural gas engine families offering power outputs from 136hp to 400hp, alongside an extensive electric-powered light commercial vehicle (LCV) range.

The company’s attendance at the show follows just months after being named NGV Global Industry Champion 2017 by the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles. The award was made in recognition of IVECO’s commitment to the natural gas sector and for its efforts in developing the compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets.

Heading IVECO’s line-up at Millbrook is a Stralis NP 4×2 tractor unit, which earlier this year completed the famous journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End on a single fill of LNG to demonstrate its viability as a genuine alternative to diesel vehicles.

The Stralis NP offers major benefits including ultra-low emissions, quieter operation and fuel costs which are around a third lower than diesel.

It is powered by an 8.7-litre IVECO Cursor 9 natural gas engine which delivers the same output of 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque as its diesel equivalent, resulting in an excellent power-to-weight ratio, power density and quietness of operation.

Martin Flach, Alternative Fuels Director at IVECO, says: “Thanks to our proven Natural Power technology, heavy truck fleets can take advantage of a simplified after-treatment system, meaning there’s no need for EGR, SCR, AdBlue or particulate filters. Plus, the reduced cost of natural gas versus diesel translates into a lower total cost of ownership, whilst the driving experience is now on a par with the latest generation diesel-powered trucks.

“Stralis NP is a clear statement of intent from IVECO, sending a message to the market that gas-powered heavy trucks are no longer a niche product, but ideally suited for UK operations.”

The Stralis NP can be specified to run on either LNG or CNG. CNG provides a maximum range of 600 km and is intended for urban and regional operations, whereas LNG increases the range to a record 1,500 km on a single fill.

IVECO plans to introduce a Stralis NP 6×2 tractor unit for the UK market during 2018.

Representing IVECO’s medium truck line-up is a 16-tonne Eurocargo Natural Power model, equipped with a 210hp ‘super-eco’ 6-litre Tector engine, running on CNG.

Now available to order in right-hand drive, the Eurocargo Natural Power is available as a 12-tonne and 16-tonne 4×2 rigid, giving fleets access to a medium truck running on CNG – ideally suited for low-emission transport and environmentally-minded urban operators with a range of up to 400km.

Described as ‘the truck the city likes’, the Eurocargo Natural Power is compliant with Euro VI step C emission requirements and it is perfect for night-time operations as the engine is up to 50 per cent quieter than diesel, plus certified to the PIEK quiet truck requirements. CNG tanks can be configured to suit the application, with options including mounting behind the cab or along the sides of the chassis, to ensure maximum bodybuilder flexibility is maintained.

Compared with diesel, CNG emits up to 35 per cent fewer NOx emissions and 95 per cent less particulate matter – making it the most environmentally-friendly fuel available on the commercial market.

The Eurocargo Natural Power was named Sustainable Truck of the Year 2017 in the Distribution category at the Transpotec trade show in Verona, Italy – winning praise from judges who say it “allows operators in the distribution sector to wave diesel vehicles goodbye with no regrets”.

IVECO’s LCV range is represented in natural gas form by a Daily Natural Power – unique in the market as it is powered by a dedicated natural gas engine. It stands out for having been developed from a diesel-engine platform, which means it delivers performance just like a diesel in terms of power, torque and response.

By operating a Daily Natural Power, companies can save around 20 per cent on fuel versus current diesel prices. This saving quickly adds up over the lifetime of the vehicle, further demonstrating IVECO’s commitment to reducing customers’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and the pursuit of sustainable road transport.

The Daily Natural Power is particularly suited to urban operators working in Low Emission Zones, while the range also offers a reduction in operating noise compared with diesel, giving fleets greater flexibility for night-time and early morning deliveries. The gas-powered model is also potentially able to access underground parking areas and travel on ferries, without the limitations affecting some other alternative fuels.

The Daily Natural Power is offered as a van with multiple wheelbase lengths and roof heights, as well as chassis cab configurations, with the choice of a single cab or seven-person crew cab.

Models can also be specified with a customer’s choice of single or twin rear wheels, and with gross vehicle weights from 3.5 to 7.0 tonnes, ensuring vehicles can be mission-matched to a wide range of applications. Multiple fuel tank layouts are offered, giving a range of between 155 and 280 miles between fill-ups.

The Daily Natural Power can also be fitted with a small petrol tank reserve, allowing an additional range of up to 50 miles, in the event of running out of gas.

All Daily Natural Power models are powered by a 3.0 litre natural gas engine producing up to 136 hp, with a maximum torque of 350 Nm between 1,500 and 2,730 rev/min.

Completing IVECO’s line-up at Cenex-LCV is a Daily Electric, which offers urban operators a 100 per cent electric, zero-emissions vehicle that guarantees maximum sustainability.

Purpose-built for urban missions, energy consumption is reduced thanks to low weight electric auxiliaries, and the range’s battery life has been extended versus the previous generation model by up to 20 per cent. Daily Electric also boasts an increased payload capacity of around 100kg, whilst battery performance is optimised for all weather and temperature conditions, with the batteries being 100 per cent recyclable.

The vehicle’s IVECO-patented flexible charging mode allows customers to recharge the vehicle by connecting it to a fast-charging station for an average charge time of just two hours. Best-in-class efficiency is achieved thanks to an extended range of up to 240km (150 miles), in real driving conditions, when operating in a three-battery configuration.

Drivers can choose between two driving modes: Eco and Power. In Eco mode, engine torque is moderated to minimise energy consumption, without imposing any limits to maximum speed. In Power mode, the driver can enjoy the full performance of the electric drive motor.

The Daily Electric is also equipped with a pedestrian acoustic alert system, which is activated automatically when driving at speeds of 0-30km/h – an important safety feature given the vehicle’s near-silent running characteristics.

Daily Electric offers the widest line-up in the industry: up to 5.6 tonnes gross vehicle weight and with an internal cargo capacity of up to 19.6 m³. In addition to the van models, it can be specified as a chassis cab, chassis-cowl and minibus, with wheelbase lengths from 3,000 mm to 4,100 mm.


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