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InstaVolt Teams Up With The APEA To Drive EV Charging At UK Forecourts

InstaVolt has joined the APEA (Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration) as it installs thousands of electric vehicle charging points at forecourts across the UK.

Pictured - InstaVolt CEO Tim Payne

InstaVolt has teamed up with the APEA (Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration) to help drive the provision of EV charging points at UK forecourts. The company is on a mission to install 3,000 units across the UK by 2020 thus allowing motorists the opportunity to add hundreds of miles of range to their vehicles in just 20 minutes.

Leading the way in EV charging infrastructure, InstaVolt is helping to change the motoring landscape by making it more convenient to own and operate an electric vehicle and thus enhance the UK’s push towards a future dominated by green energy.

With plans to install the vast majority of its rapid electric vehicle charging units at forecourts, it has joined the APEA, which provides a forum for debate and generating technical guidance. The APEA’s aims are the advancement of scientific, technical and legal knowledge required in the administration of the Petroleum & Explosives Acts and associated Environment legislation.

CEO Tim Payne said: “Around a third of households don’t have off-street parking, which means the electric vehicle industry needs to be focuses on public, rather than home charging. Forecourts will play a huge role in that, being perfectly placed to house rapid charging units where people can charge up quickly en route.

“For us, undertaking electric work in potentially explosive environments like these is a complex and specialist task. We’ll be working closely with the APEA to share best practice and make use of its resources.”

Electric vehicles are the future and they are being embraced more and more each year. Recent research from the AA revealed younger drivers are increasingly likely to consider an electric vehicle. The AA-Populus study showed younger respondents leaning towards green energy alternatives. Payne reacted to the study by saying it confirmed “that we are taking the younger generation with us in our quest to make electrification an everyday occurrence.”

He added: “That said we must do all we can to persuade older drivers to embrace this new technology or sadly they might be left behind. I have no doubt that very soon we will reach a tipping point. Effectively it will be a pincer movement where the number of EVs being bought drives the price down as InstaVolt delivers its intensive programme of installing rapid charge points throughout the country.”

The APEA, which was founded in 1958, plans to provide bespoke training sessions with InstaVolt’s electrical engineers. The UK based organisation, drawing membership from all quarters of the petroleum industry, including Regulators from National and Local Government Authorities, Oil Companies, Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers, Service and Installation Organisations, Training Establishments and many others, is unique in representing all sides of the industry and in providing a forum for debate and the generation of technical guidance.

Anton Martiniussen, APEA Chairman said: “We are delighted to welcome InstaVolt to the APEA. Electric vehicle charging is set to become increasingly important to forecourt operators over the coming years.” InstaVolt will share its experiences of installing electric charging points at petrol forecourts with the APEA so others within the industry can benefit.

InstaVolt is eager to promote the value and benefit of electric vehicles within the UK’s green energy future. It installs rapid charging points for free, providing maintenance at no cost to the forecourt trader. In fact, it pays the forecourt rent for allowing InstaVolt to locate its charging points there, making its money from the sale of electricity. And, unlike some EV charging firms, InstaVolt’s units are available on a pay as you go basis with no subscription.


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