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Global Wind Service Contributing To The Largest Wind Project In The Western Balkans

GE Renewable Energy contracted wind turbine installation and service company Global Wind Service (GWS) to deliver crane and installation for the commissioning of the Čibuk 1wind farm in Serbia.

GE Wind Onshore

Global Wind Service is delivering crane and installation for the Čibuk 1 wind farm in Serbia. Covering 57 x 2.75-120m GE wind turbines, it makes it the largest wind project in the Western Balkans.

Pre-assembly started at site in November 2017 and installation is planned to finish in the third quarter of 2018.

The Cibuk 1 wind farm is the first project in Serbia where GWS has been awarded both installation and craning. Vetroelektrane Balkana (WEBG), the project company behind Čibuk 1, is wholly owned by Tesla Wind, a 60:40 joint venture between Masdar, Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company and Čibuk Wind Hold-ing.

“We are very pleased that GE Renewable Energy has given us this opportunity to take on more responsi-bility by awarding us with both installation and craning. Having the full scope within one contract will en-able us to work more efficiently by means of improved planning and coordination between the two par-ties,” said Michael Høj Olsen, Chief Commercial Officer at GWS.

Due to expected potential in the Serbian market, and more work secured, GWS has established a local business unit in Serbia – supporting GWS business in the country for not only this, but also future projects.

“GWS has strong emphasis on continued growth and as such, Serbia which is a relatively new wind energy market is very interesting and promising for us,” says Lars Petersen, CEO and co-founder of GWS.

Serbia is a member of the European Energy Community and in the process of joining the EU. The country has committed to increase its share of renewable energy in an action plan. In terms of the electricity sec-tor, Serbia is aiming for 500MW of wind capacity by 2020 – wind thereby comprising 27.4% of the coun-try’s total planned capacity of renewable energy for the electricity sector.


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