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Eoltech Wins Repeat Contracts To Monitor 500MW Of Wind Energy

Independent French consulting firm Eoltech has won repeat contracts to monitor 500 MW of wind projects with advanced energy index.

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Eoltech has reaffirmed its capabilities to monitor wind energy through its industry-leading resource assessment services by winning repeat contracts with French energy providers. The independent wind energy consulting firm will continue to work with major French customers, providing them with its advanced multi-source wind energy index (IREC-Index) to monitor the performance of 24 wind farms representing a total output of 500MW.

Eoltech, which was established in 2002, enables its clients through IREC-Index to complement their operation by checking consistency against available wind resource. Since its creation in 2010, IREC-Index has been tested and validated on more than 130 wind farms, complementing performance by detecting any discrepancies and allowing for identifiable benchmarking to enhance and improve. Indeed, its success over the last seven years represents 1,600MW, with a average correlation level in excess of 97%. These rigorous test campaigns have demonstrated its superior level of accuracy, ease of implementation and ability to improve production control processes.

Bringing together various data streams, IREC-Index can highlight collective performance data or individual, independent strands. The multi-source approach is beneficial to clients eager to achieve maximum potential from their portfolio and addresses the challenge of managing data homogeneity over time.

Habib Leseney, CEO of Eoltech, says, “Most players involved in the monitoring of the power output of wind farms are looking for databases providing high correlation levels with their production data. But even if this condition is important, it is not a guarantee of reliability, because consistency in time is generally not taken into account.

He adds, “By combining several independent sources, the IREC Index approach can filter out inconsistent sources and increase the robustness of the results while ensuring that a high correlation level with production data is maintained.”


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