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Electric Vehicle Registrations On The Up; Good News For InstaVolt


InstaVolt, the electric vehicle (EV) charging firm, is continuing to usher in a future dominated by electric cars. Indeed, there has been a spike in electric vehicle ownership and a similar growth in interest.

The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) recently released new figures showing more people chose to get behind the wheel of an alternatively fuelled vehicle (AFV) than ever before in August.

Demand for petrol hybrid and pure electric battery powered cars increased substantially, up 74.9% and 62.5% respectively on the same period last year. Plug-in hybrid registrations rose 38.5%.

Basingstoke-based InstaVolt, which installs, owns, maintains and operates rapid EV chargers, says it’s good news for the environment but adds that a focus on public charging, rather than at home, is needed to support drivers.

CEO Tim Payne said: “What’s important is that the public and private sector works together to create a solid public charging infrastructure. With thousands more drivers going electric every month, we need a network of easily accessible, rapid chargers in places like petrol forecourts, supermarkets and car parks.”

InstaVolt is currently installing around 3,000 rapid chargers, which can add 80 per cent charge in just 30 minutes, across the UK. It is focusing its drive on forecourts and is installing them for free, paying landowners rent for use of the space.

Tim said: “Charging also needs to be easier and less confusing for those adopting electric vehicles. It’s why we’re challenging the status quo and giving everyone access to our charging units, with no subscription and no membership required.

“Essentially, we need more chargers and we need them to be fast. Consumers don’t stand for slow broadband and it’s exactly the same with electric vehicle charging.”


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