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CNG’s Crowd-Funded Renewable Project “Shower Up” Gets Green Light

CNG’s crowdfunded renewable project ‘Shower Up’ has been given the green light thanks to donations totalling more than £50,000.


Shower Up – the namesake of CNG’s overriding philosophy to empower and educate energy users – will see fully-equipped, solar powered shower blocks (made from recycled shipping containers) provided for Turasha School in Kenya.

The team decided to crowdfund the project in order to increase energy awareness and understanding on renewable sources. Through this project process, they have been able to demonstrate how cost-effective solar solutions can be, and how life-changing. Through a variety of contributions and fundraising, the final total of £51,274 was raised by 92 supporters, in just 35 days.

Turasha Boarding School houses over 600 pupils and due to lack of Government funding and intake pressures, some of the school’s facilities are at breaking point. This is especially true of the student shower blocks, which is why CNG stepped in to help. Now, the school will be able to cater to the needs of its pupils and reduce the health and hygiene complications associated with its older facilities.

Ellis Hall, Lead on CNG Renewables said: “To see the funds come in and to know we have the support of colleagues, friends and other businesses to make these essential improvements for Turasha is incredible. The build will serve as a case study and blueprint for many more similar school projects, both in Kenya and schools within the UK – demonstrating the application of renewable technology.

“We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported us; you’re part of something amazing!”

Jane Gateri, Headteacher at Turasha School said: “This hot water shower project will make Turasha secondary school a child friendly school and will be important in eradicating cold related ailments e.g flu, arthritis and pneumonia. It will enhance good academic performance of the students as well as acting as a learning opportunity related to how we can conserve the environment with the use of renewable solar energy.”


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